Wagyu Duo Experience


Course 1

Hamachi Bites
dashi jelly, ponzu, braised daikon, wakame, yuzu chia, mango pure


Maguro Bites
avocado, jalapeno, ginger, dashi-onion cream

Course 2

Select one of the following:

Grilled Romaine Heart Salad
blood orange-anchovy dressing, chicory crumble, sunny-side egg, parmesan cheese


Iceberg Lettuce
bleu cheese dressing, bacon, apple, hard boiled egg


U-10 Scallops
charred leeks, leek puree, onion broth, pickled pearl onion, pork jowl


Soup du jour
please inquire for tonight’s offering

Course 3

Select one of the following:

Filet Mignon
8oz, shallot puree, madeira sauce, shiitake duxelles


Wagyu Duo
A5 Wagyu Ribeye – 4oz, truffle sauce, shimeji mushrooms
Australian Wagyu NY – 4oz, cherry tomato, tomato buerre blanc, demi glace


Mary’s Free Range Chicken
corn bread, pomegranate reduction, swiss chard, pickled red radish, micro watercress


Sea Bass
6oz, braised bok choy, red cabbage puree, carrot - ginger puree, fried brussel, fennel kimchi, spice sauce

*Complimented with asparagus & mashed potato

Course 4

chef’s selections of the day